Procedure to apply for the possession in PAHS

Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS) takes great pride in announcing that the possession of 5 and 10 Marla residential plots, in Block A, will be delivered to the applicants soon. Once you get possession of a plot you can commence the construction of your house. Here is the procedure to apply for the possession of your plot in PAHS.  To apply for the possession of residential plots measuring 5 and 10 Marla in Block A of PAHS, the given steps will be followed:

  1.  Firstly, a handwritten or computerized application will be submitted for the possession of a plot.
  2.  After the submission of the application; the applicant will receive a verification call from the concerned department of PAHS within a few days.
  3.  Applicants can apply for a Site Plan and demarcation of the plot after receiving a verification call.
  4.  Then, a map of the house will be prepared in compliance with the building by-laws of LDA. PAHS will forward a book of LDA by-laws to the applicant in this regard.
  5.  After that, the applicant will get the service of an independent architect, or PAHS’s registered architect, for the map of a house in accordance with the by-laws of LDA.
  6.  After the submission of the map, the applicant will pay the map approval fee.
  7.  Finally, the possession will be handed over to the applicant. Once, the possession is delivered the applicants can commence the construction of his house.

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