Lahore Plot on Installments

Looking for a Lahore plot on installments is a very time-consuming task which if not done with proper research, can end up with you losing your whole life’s savings. Lahore’s real estate sector is developing rapidly but due to lack of policies and government control, with this rapid development has come a rush of illegal housing societies. Therefore, the “Lahore Installments plots” industry has become a highly risky yet highly profitable industry.

Even though the sector is full of fraudulent societies out to make a quick buck at the expense of the hardworking salaried middle-class, there still are businessmen in the sector doing it the right way. If one wished to find a Lahore plot on installments in a society that guarantees safe heaven and is not a fraud, there are few things one needs to look for.

The first of these things is an LDA approval. An LDA approval is basically permission from the Lahore Development Authority to commence the development of a residential society in the vicinity of Lahore. This also serves as a guarantee to the buyers that the society is being examined by a government department that will ensure proper development. This way one knows it’s safe to invest in a 5 Marla plot on installment in Lahore in said society.

Before the commencement of development and sales, Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS) obtained all the necessary NOCs required for a housing scheme under the by-laws of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Realizing that fraudulent housing schemes in Lahore deceive potential buyers & investors, PAHS has acquired the approval of LDA NOC #11-8616. Later, in 2019, PAHS acquired the Final Approval of LDA that witnessed the pace of developmental works in society. Currently, all the developmental works being carried out in society are in compliance with the approved designs and specifications. So, if you are looking for a Lahore plot on installments to invest in, Park Avenue might just be the right choice for you.

The next thing to look for in a residential society if you want to buy a 5 Marla plot on installment in Lahore is the developmental pace. The most common type of fraud in Lahore’s residential sector these days is that societies tend to build huge, gaudy gates and a few roads to lure buyers in. As roads and a gate seem to be the very first visible feature of a society’s development for buyers looking for Lahore installments plots. However, this is a hoax and the housing scheme delays the rest of development work for years, even decades. Even the roads aren’t built properly as there needs to be a framework of sewerage and electricity set underground before the construction of roads. But these societies do not bother with the ‘extra’ work. Therefore, later when actual development does start to take place, the society resorts to recklessly digging all the roads causing issues to the residents.

The easiest way to check out a society’s development pace is to pay close attention to their social media accounts. Most residential societies provide developmental updates on their websites and social media accounts. If you want to make a safe investment for a 5 Marla plot on installment in Lahore, then visiting all social media accounts of potential residential societies is part of your homework.

PAHS Management has been tremendously active with the developmental works of society. PAHS is a developing society that is hitting developmental benchmarks rapidly and seeing organic growth in its market. Society’s social media accounts are updated regularly and all queries are answered quickly. Within the span of a few years, society has made considerable progress with commitment, integrity, and continuous struggle. Both in terms of legality as well as steady development, Park Avenue Housing Scheme seems to be the best choice when it comes to investing in Lahore installments plots.

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