Sewerage System of PAHS

Park Avenue Housing Society (PAHS) has been working towards creating an ideal and unique housing society. PAHS has taken another step towards this goal by installing an underground and modern sewerage system. The system complies with the LDA approved design specifications and criteria. The failure of a sewerage system results in mixing of drainage water with the underground water course for clean water.  The society has successfully installed an effective sewerage system in Block A. Currently, the process of installation is underway in Block C.

The material being used for the development is durable and of high quality. PAHS is successfully overcoming the developmental stages and has become a well-marketed and secure housing scheme to invest in. A structured and well-defined sewerage system will provide convenience to the residents in the near future, by managing the sewerage and drainage water, hence also providing an easy commute in case of heavy rains. PAHS comes with a prime locality, state of the art planning, high end security system, modern drainage system, easy installment plans, and much more, making PAHS a perfect housing society to build your dream house in.

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