Developmental Updates of PAHS

Within the span of a few years, Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS) has considerable progress with commitment, integrity, and continuous struggle. Today, it is considered as one of the best housing schemes in Lahore with connectivity to the main commercial markets of DHA Phase 1 to 5 with a 10 minutes’ drive only. Positively, PAHS is a developing society rapidly hitting developmental benchmarks and seeing organic growth in its market value as opposed to artificial growth brought about by short term trading. Here are the recent developmental updates of society.


Currently, a transformer has been installed in Block A to cater to electricity needs. The excavation of trenches for the installation of utilities is underway in Block A. We have started the construction of the foundations of distribution boards (db) and transformers as per the specifications and criteria of WAPDA.


The rapid construction of an overhead water tank is underway in Block A to cater to the water supply needs of the residents in the future. We made a contract with Milano Construction Company in this regard. The tank will have a total capacity of 1 lac gallons; its height will be 70 feet above the ground level. The structure of the water tank is designed in a way to eliminate any leakages. The material that will be used in the construction includes Grade 60 steel, Margala crush stones, and Maple Leaf Cement. The rectangular tank complies with all Lahore Development Authority (LDA) & National Engineering Services Pakistan (NesPak) approved designs, specifications, and criteria. Soon, a test of the water tank will be carried out to check out its strength and capacity.


In Block B, a sub-base layer is laid down on all the 40 ft. roads. Whereas, the base clearing of the 60 ft. road is underway in this block.  In Block A and C, a sub-base layer is already spread out on the 100, 50, and 40 ft. roads. Now, a layer of water-bound macadam is setting down.  We chose WBM because it is considered a high-quality road due to its compacted mass.


For the installation of the underground sewerage system in Block B, the process of digging is just started on 40 ft. roads. The process to excavate trenches for the installation of utilities like water supply and telephone lines etc. is also ongoing.

If you’re looking to invest in Lahore then PAHS is one of the best investment opportunities. We assure you that your investment will be secure and fruitful.

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