Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is responsible for monitoring the progress and quality of the developmental work of a private housing scheme as per the LDA Private Housing Scheme Rules, 2014. An authorized officer of LDA records his observations and ensures that there is no deviation from the sanctioned housing scheme plan. The authorized officer shall conduct regular site visits without prior notice to ensure that the developmental works are being done according to the approved design and specifications. For example, a hydraulic test of sewerage and water supply pipelines may be carried out to validate that they will operate under desired conditions.

If the officer finds any deviation from the sanctioned plan of the concerned housing scheme then the sponsor is informed through an intimation about the violations. LDA takes appropriate action against the sponsor in case the approved plan is violated.  The sponsor shall execute all development works within the time mentioned as under:

(i) two years, in case of land sub-division or an area up to 100 Kanal;

(ii) three years, in case of an area 101 Kanal to 300 Kanals; and

(iii) five years, in case of an area above 300 Kanal;

In case a sponsor is unable to develop or complete an approved scheme within the stipulated time, he may apply to the Authority for the cancellation of the scheme subject to the condition that he has not sold any plot in the scheme, provides such surety as the Authority deems appropriate and deposits the requisite fee for publication of a public notice in this regard at the cost of the sponsor. The Authority may cancel the scheme on payment of all the outstanding dues, including fine, and payment of the prevailing market value of the sites reserved for public buildings.

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