All You Need To Know About PAHS

Ali Khan Kakkar, the CEO of Al-Madad Group, has given us an encompassing interview about Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS). He has been dealing PAHS for the last three years and is an authorized dealer of BTN Marketing Consultants. Around 70% of his clients are end-users who desire to live in society; the remaining 30% are investors. LDA approval and underground electrification system appealed to most of his clients, he added.  

As underground electrification is the key in a modern housing society with high-quality underground wiring that’s what we have gone for in PAHS. Electricity and streetlight designs of PAHS prepared by an electrical engineer registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The designs have already been approved by Lahore Electric Supply Company Ltd. (LESCO). It is heartening to see that PAHS is maintaining its momentum and moving towards a greater significance as we continue to hit developmental benchmarks.

The area dedicated to parks and green spaces in society appealed to my clients, he told us. As per the Lahore Development Authority Private Housing Scheme Rules 2014, 7% of the total scheme area should be dedicated to parks and open spaces in a housing scheme. PAHS has been allotted 7% of the land of the total scheme area in this regard. The easily accessible green space in PAHS adjacent to residential areas is more than just a visual enrichment though it will help to sustain the natural ecosystem and enhance biodiversity.

In his opinion, there is no other housing scheme that started its sale after getting all the NOC’s/approvals. Moreover, PAHS is the only project in Lahore which has acquired 100% land ownership. It has become one of the most secure and profitable choices for real estate investment in Lahore. 

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