Development of Parks in PAHS

During the last decade, the city of Lahore has lost 70% of its green cover. Unfortunately, trees are a victim of unplanned urban development in Lahore, which has turned the city of gardens into a city of concrete. It is highly recommended by the Ministry of Climate Change and Punjab Environmental Protection Agency to increase green spaces in Lahore.

To sustain a healthy environment in the society, PAHS has allocated 142.78 Kanal of land for 9 parks in society. In Block A of the society, 46.56 Kanal of land is reserved for three parks. Central Park in Block A is spread over 40 Kanal adjacent to the Jamia Masjid. The construction of the boundary wall of the central park is completed and a wrought iron fence has been installed around its boundary. Block A also has a Linear Park that is comprised of an area of 1.56 Kanal. In Block B, 3 parks are spread across 57 Kanal of land.

Parks provide a healthy living locale for the residents, offset the warming effect in cities, and present an aesthetic effect as well.  39.22 Kanal of land is reserved for parks in Block C in the surroundings of the 5 Marla residential plots. Besides, other parks in Block A, B, and C will be integrated with no boundary walls but natural tree lines used to demarcate their area as trees provide a natural habitat to birds and help sustain the ecosystem.

As per the Rules and Regulations of LDA, 7% of the land must be allocated for parks and open spaces in a housing scheme. PAHS has dedicated around 143 Kanal that is more than 7% of the land of the total scheme area. The easily accessible green space in PAHS adjacent to residential areas is more than just a visual enrichment and helps to sustain the natural ecosystem and enhance biodiversity.

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