Future Development Plans of Park Avenue

Park Avenue Housing Society (PAHS) is successfully overcoming the developmental stages and has become a well-marketed and secure housing scheme to invest in. PAHS in an LDA approved housing scheme bearing NOC # DMP II 5920 and offering a 3-year easy installment plan for residential plots. To make one of the best investment decisions of your life, consider Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS), it offers residential and commercial plots measuring 3, 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal in Lahore.

Mr. Kashif Mushtaq, the Project Manager of PAHS, has given us a detailed interview regarding the future development plans of the society. In the upcoming months, PAHS is going to restore the lost tree cover in Pakistan under the banner of the ‘Green Park Avenue Initiative’, as climate change is adversely affecting human lives in Pakistan. The rudimentary idea behind Green Park Avenue Drive is an effort to reduce the alarming deforestation rate in the country. We can get a healthier and happier lifestyle by adding green. Besides, Lahore has been ripped off 70% of its green cover in the last decade. Unfortunately, trees have been a victim of unplanned urban development and turned the city of gardens into a concrete giant. PAHS aims towards doing its part in building a greener and cleaner Pakistan. A landscaping and horticulture company will provide its services by landscaping, designing, and developing our society. For this purpose, a major fund is allocated by society management.

In an urban environment, trees provide visual appeal and help make the cityscape more attractive. Trees moderate the temperature of the surroundings as well. They are also natural sound barriers and effectively reduce noise pollution. The Peepal tree does not respire at night. Plant peepal to improve your mental health, air quality, and environment. Plant Peepal in your houses because an abundance of oxygen reduces anxiety & insomnia and has a calming effect as well. PAHS is going to do its part soon.

Secondly, a mobile app will be launched to facilitate existing and potential customers. Customers can get the latest developmental news and information through the mobile application. This is a move towards Smart Park Avenue where customers can register their online complaints and get their problems solved within hours.

Thirdly, an office with all the developmental heads will be set up in the society office. This is a better way to manage external interactions and relationships that drive success. It is significant for managing all your PAHS’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. This step will help PAHS to stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve services.

While making a decision, you should consider investing in PAHS as it is in one of the metro cities of Pakistan and will add considerable value to your property. Because it is one of the most secure and profitable choices for real estate investment in Lahore.

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