PAHS – Development Updates

Within the span of a few years, Park Avenue Housing Scheme (PAHS) has made good progress with commitment, integrity, and continuous struggle. Today, it is one of the best housing schemes in Lahore with connectivity to the main commercial markets of DHA Phase 1 to 5 with a 10 minutes’ drive only. Positively, PAHS is a developing society rapidly hitting developmental benchmarks and seeing organic growth in its market value as opposed to artificial growth brought about by short term trading. Here are the recent developmental updates of society.


In Block A of PAHS, the construction of an overhead water tank is underway. We have made a contract with Milano Construction Company in this regard. Soil testing and groundwork are done. Now, a raft foundation is being laid down. In the future, this water tank will supply water to all the residents of Block A.


PAHS has taken another step towards its goal by installing an underground and modern sewerage system in Block A & C. The system complies with the LDA approved design specifications and criteria. We are using durable and high-quality material. A structured and well-defined sewerage system will provide convenience to the residents, by managing the sewerage and drainage water. Now, the stormwater channels are being installed in Block C.


For the installation of underground electric lines, the groundwork is just started in Block A. For fire prevention and to make the power lines less susceptible to outages during high wind thunderstorms or heavy rains underground electricity lines are installed. An added benefit of undergrounding is the aesthetic beauty of the landscape without the powerlines.


In Block A and C of PAHS, earthwork is completed on all the roads measuring 35’, 40’, 50’, and 100’. A Soil Compaction Test has also been carried out. Compaction is the process that increases soil density and removes air bubbles up to 100m below the soil. The sub-base layer is also paved out on roads. The leveling of 50’ service road and 100’ main road is underway in Block B.

If you’re looking to invest in Lahore then PAHS is one of the best investment opportunities. We assure you that your investment will be fruitful in future. As T.Harv Eker said,

‘Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate, and wait.’

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