Requirements of Services Design under the LDA Rules, 2014

Under the Lahore Development Authority (hereinafter called “the Authority”) Private Housing Scheme Rules, 2014 a sponsor shall submit to the Authority four sets of the following documents of the sanctioned housing scheme and comply with all the rules and regulations to meet the requirements.

(a) Approved layout plan;

(b) Location plan;

(c) Topographic survey plan;

(d) Land use analysis; and

(e) Soil test report from the approved laboratory.

For the connection of Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage

A sponsor shall engage services of qualified public health and structural engineer, registered with Pakistan Engineering Council, for the preparation of detailed design and specifications of water supply, sewerage, and drainage systems. He will ensure that the design and specifications are under the law, rules, master plan, and guidelines of the agency responsible for the approval. He will make sure that water supply, sewerage, and drainage lines are provided on both sides of a road but, if provided only along one side of a road, underground connections for properties on the other side of a road shall be provided before road pavement.

A sponsor shall, in areas where public trunk sewer does not exist, abide by the requirements of an agency maintaining a sewerage system and shall ensure disposal of sewage to the satisfaction of the agency. He, at his cost, will connect the sewerage and drainage system of the scheme to a public trunk sewer wherever available subject to the approval of an agency maintaining a sewerage system. After connecting the system to a public trunk sewer, the same may be taken over by the agency for operation, maintenance, and billing. He will submit four sets of the following documents or drawings to the Authority:

(a) Detailed designs and specifications of water supply, sewerage, and drainage system;

(b) the number of tube wells, their capacity, chamber design, the details of borehole and connection with water supply system, including tube well logs (strata chart), details of tube well machinery and

(c) Number of overhead tanks, capacity, design, structure design, and design calculation details along with structural stability;

(d) Design for the ultimate disposal of the sewage; and

(e) Location of septic or soakage well, where the disposal is not available.

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