The respected and renowned real estate dealers of Lahore joined us on 17th October upon receiving an invitation from Mr. Tariq Gujjar to have a lunch at PAHS. Iftikhar Ahmed Sindhu, the Chief Executive Officer of PAHS, and Sardar Tahir Mehmood, the President of Pakistan Federation of Realtors graced the event as Chief Guests. The authorized dealers of PAHS namely Asadullah Tariq (the CEO of Unity Estates), Ali Khan Kakkar (the CEO of Al-Madad Group), Tariq Gujjar (the CEO of Professional Real Estate and Builders); Naeem Akhtar (the CEO of MNA Builders), Shahid Mehmood (the CEO of Saaf Deal Properties), and Muddassir Hassan Sindhu (the CEO of MMS Estate) also attended the event.

At this event, the CEO of PAHS, Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Sindhu says, ‘I believe that the most valuable thing one can earn in his lifetime is the trust and respect of his community. As Allah in Surah Maidah says, ‘O believers! Fulfill your promises’. This is why I have tried my best to fulfill all the commitments made to the buyers of PAHS promptly’. We are working hard to deliver all that was promised to our clients. Those who have invested their hard-earned savings in this project will be proud of the result we achieve. For those of you who plan to make PAHS your home, I look forward to being your neighbor at PAHS which will be a beautiful place to live in.  May Allah Subhan Allah be with all of you (Ameen), he added.

Even the real estate sector is affected by economic fluctuations and political instability we’re putting in an outstanding effort to make PAHS a favorite among investors and home seekers alike. We are rapidly moving towards our end goal of a luxurious residential locale. We aim to develop a unique housing project in Lahore and we are close to achieving this. Our mission is to provide an ambiance of modern, secure, and comfortable living for the members.

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